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Encounters Artful evening Brickell Gallery Night was recently held at Conrad Hotel to launch the new West Encounters East series featuring four rising artists, Guillermo Ueno, Lucila Heinberg, Ary Kaplan Nakamura and Valeria Yamamoto, with Japanese-Argentine roots, and their works in photography and sculpture. — Photos by Zoltan 1. Alan Ojeda, Stella Holmes 2. Gabriela Maseli, Dana Amador 3. Dora Valdez Fauli, Nina Torres 4. Marcos Rodriguez, Daniella Stroppa 5. Gabriella Macias, Yvonne Castanedall 6. Maria Luisa, Martino, Stella Holmes, Valeria Yamamoto, Martin Wormull 7. Adriana Verdeja, Emilio Calleja 8. Michael Audi, Ezequial Cignoni, Jennifer Budman, Eric Don 9. Joel Hollander, Olga Ortiz 10. Ana Maria, Christopher Felpeto 1 2 5 8 3 6 4 7 9 10 127