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Encounters Beach Jam Ocean Drive was renamed “Orange Drive” during a 3-day festival hosting dynamic events leading up to the Discover Orange Bowl Game. 1. DJ Irie 2. Natasha Bedingfield 3. Dawson Hughes, Eric Poms, Jarrett Nasca 4. Michelle Fratima, Ivette Torres, Sabrina Vega, Ailyn Ravelo, Sharon Wilson 5. Leona Lewis 6. Fernando Sole, Michelle Jones, Richard Kiibler 7. Shawn Garrity, Gary Cioffi, Michael Gongora 8. Rachel Levy, Jessica Levy, Michelle Fonticiella 9. Lily McCausland-Hodges, Michelle Levy, Al Levy 10. The Honey Brothers: Ethan Gold, Andrew Vladeck, DS Posner, Adrian Grenier, Ari Gold 11. Eleni Roselli, Donna Cioffi 1 4 3 7 6 9 2 10 5 8 11 121