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Encounters Good Deeds Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2011 kicked off with a buzzworthy 2nd Annual Humanitarian Awards event at Mondrian. During the event, 10 of South Florida’s most philanthropic residents were honored for their efforts. 1. Albert Bango, Freddy Hernandez 2. Brian Andrews, Beth Sobol, Aaron Perry 3. Brian Andrews, Ileana Garcia 4. David Arditi, Selena Dincman 5. Elsa Orta, Julian Chang, Lorena Gomez, Evelio Gomez 6. Model for Julian Chang 7. Jackie Nespral, Henry Gonzalez 8. Maria Elena Salina, Beth Sobol, Jackie Nespral 9. Nicolas Felizola with Model 1 3 7 120 2 5 4 8 6 9