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Encounters RITZY GATHERING Design, architecture and style aficionados gathered at The Ritz- Carlton for an evening of elevated conversation, savvy sipping and effective networking with some of South Florida’s most elite. 1. Alan J. Fried, Marybeth Sterret, Bruce Helander 2. Diane Kisner, Steven G. 3. George Mato, David Staples, Carolyn Block Ellert, Richard Schlesinger 4. Sandi Lyman, Larry Aft 5. Ophir Sternberg, Monika & Edward Gheiler 6. Ileana Caballero, Anolan Dragitsch 7. Bruce Helander, Ophir Sternberg 8. Tatiana & Campion Platt 1 3 6 2 4 7 5 8 119