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Encounters @ Boulud Sud 1 2 3 FINE DINING Famed Chef Daniel Boulud celebrated the opening of his new Mediterranean restaurant, Boulud Sud, in Downtown Miami, showcasing coastal cuisine inspired by flavors from around the world. — Photos by World Red Eye 4 156 1. Brad Kilgore, Chef Daniel Boulud, Andreas Schreiner, Gilberto Garcia-Tuñon 2. Andrew Stearns, Susan & Jay Shapiro 3. Eleonora & Vanessa Stefanelli, Emma Afra 4. Gabriela Portela, Michael Jimenez, Vicki Jimenez, Ashley Jimenez-Gonzalez 5. Gino Campodonico, Jen Valdes, Joeseph Quinones 6. Helena Graterol, Chef Daniel Boulud, Fabien Lepaitre 7. Florencia Rotemberg, Chef Daniel Boulud 8. Christie & Carlos Pacheco 9. Katherine Gage, Julien Gage, Chef Daniel Boulud 10. Paige Mastrandrea, Michael Pulichino 11. Laura Cotter, Jen Valdes