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Land, Sea & Air Sails Up This year’s Miami International Boat Show brings Sailor’s Cove to Pier 9 of Marine Stadium. Show guests will now be able to see the best of powerboats and sailboats in one location. In addition to exciting new single-hull and catamaran sailboats, Sailor’s Cove will also host a number of superior sailing seminars. T E X T BY B I LL LI N DS E Y Oyster 625 Just as many consider the Rolex “Oyster” watch to be the ultimate timepiece, so do many view the Oyster 625 as the ultimate sailboat. All Oysters embody the sleek lines and grace that even landlubbers associate with a sailing yacht. The 625 is designed and constructed to be a true ocean-going vessel, ready to take you across the globe. The combination of a fiberglass/Kevlar/carbon-fiber laminate hull joined to a balsa-cored deck reinforced at all load points results in a yacht that can take whatever Mother Nature dishes out. In addition to being built like a tank, the 625 is also beautiful, both above and belowdecks. Because she’s a large vessel, the 625 has crew quarters, which are located far from the 4 staterooms to ensure maximum owner and guest privacy. In-mast furling allows the 2,000-sq.-ft. of sail to be raised or doused quickly and without drama. Under sail, the 625 can achieve 9 knots, or she can cruise under power at 8 knots. 450 gallons of fuel and 320 gallons of fresh water allow you to stay at sea for extended periods of time; 118