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Success H om e INSIGHTFUL INTERIORS An integral presence in our nascent Miami Design District, Italian design connoisseurs Areatonic offer The Magic City a spectacular array of solutions for any interior design dilemma. TEXT BY RYAN JARRELL Whether you’re looking for an individual piece to fill your home’s nagging niche or entirely renegotiating the tone and tenor of a hotel, office, medical or educational center, Areatonic offers a rarified, stylish answer for any scale of aesthetic issue. Devoted to the search for high-end and modern design solutions utilizing the highest technology available, Areatonic’s furniture, kitchen and wall coverings, accessories and lighting combine to offer customers a thoroughly innovative immersion into the stunning world of Italian aesthetics, as well as an excellent place to preview top-notch brands like Quadrifoglio and Lapalma; 3825 NW 2nd Ave.; 44