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Encounters w/ Voices For Children 1 2 3 UNITED VOICES This year’s Voices For Children Gala at Mandarin Oriental benefitted the organization’s mission to enable the Guardian ad Litem Program to recruit, train and support volunteers to serve as the “voice” for abused, abandoned and neglected children. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Voices For Children Board Members: Brian Goldmeier, Kira Grossman, Rhonda Rose Drecksler, Gail Appelrouth, Jay Shapiro, Nelson Hincapie, Bertha Cordoves-Pino, Richard Goldstein, Michael Rosenberg, Michael Block, Brad Meltzer, Vince Castro, Blain Heckman, Angel Ferrer, Rodrigo Melendez, John Broe, Christopher Gonzalez Jacobo 2. Amy & Eric Roth 3. Mariolga Calderon, Eladio Sarmiento, Catterina Calderon, Regina Lacayo 4. Andreas & Bianca Romero 5. Tracey & Victor Brown 6. Coulter & Mark Lynn 7. Jocelyn & Eric Woolworth 8. Aimee & Stephen Owens 9. Judge Bronwyn Miller, Maury Udell 10. Satbir Singjh, Alexa Hurley 4 160