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Encounters w/ ISG World 1 3 REAL TRENDS ISG World recently hosted their annual Miami Report Conference to explore the trends and opportunities in the various sectors of Miami’s real estate market. 1. Thomas Hoffman, Philip Spiegelman 2. Craig Studnicky, Philip Spiegelman 3. David Galler, Pablo Rodriguez, Sergio Pintos 4. Amanda Cabassa, Debby Nilsson 5. Craig Studnicky, Orlando Montiel, Philip Spiegelman 6. Andres Valdivieso, Daiana Quiceno 7. Michael Ambrosio, Alex Vidal 8. Pablo Rodriguez, Craig Studnicky, Liliana Pardo 9. Raquel Kaufman, Sandra Pariente, Jimena Pintos, Zenaida Figueroa 2 152