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Water Safe It was on July 24, 2015 when 14-year- old Perry Cohen was tragically lost at sea, sparking not only one of the largest rescue missions in American history, but the beginning of a charitable foundation determined to ensure such calamities never strike again. Now, the Perry J. Cohen Foundation (under the leadership of Cohen’s mother, Pamela Cohen, and stepfather, Nicholas Kornilof) works tirelessly for the advancement of boating safety, wildlife preservation, teenage entrepreneurship and the arts; Artisanal Sweets This Valentine’s Day, don’t denigrate your dearest with hastily purchased drugstore confectionary. Instead, grace them with sweets just as lovingly made as they were gifted with the handcrafted boutique bonbons of Cao Chocolates. A chocolaterie born of passion as rich as its products, these sustainably sourced morsels are made the way chocolate is supposed to be, morally and lovingly from bean to bar; Jeff Ross Feb. 18 450 NW 37th Ave. Miami, FL 305.649.3000 144 Toby Mac Feb. 18 1 Panther Pkwy. Sunrise, FL 800.745.3000 Daniel Zamir Quartet Feb. 21 3385 NE 188th St., Aventura, FL 305.466.8002