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Bachelors DREAM MEN We joined forces with Switchboard Of Miami’s Women’s Leadership Council to bring you some of South Florida’s most eligible bachelors. From CEOs and entrepreneurs to lawyers, bankers, realtors, national heroes and every profession in between, the one thing all these guys have in common is that they’re single and ready to mingle. IN T ERV IE WS BY A MY CR ISM O N D PH OTOS BY PO LYANA H O N O R ATO; PO LYANAH O N O R ATO.COM WAN T TO MEE T TH ESE GUYS I N PERSO N? VISI T SI NGLESFO RSWI TCH BOARD.O RG TO BUY YOUR TICK E T S TO B I D O N YOUR FAVO RI TE BACH ELO R FEB. 20 @ CO N R AD M IA M I. WH O K N OWS? YOU M IGH T JUST FI N D TRUE LOVE. 83