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Success # s LOVE BURN Spending quality time together can do wonders for your relationship and your waistline. Here are some 30-min. activities to do that’ll have you burning more than just desire. T E X T BY E S T R E LL I TA S . S I B I L A 30-MIN. ACTIVITIES Kissing & hugging your beloved from head to toe 39/51 Cooking up a mouthwatering meal with a side of love 78/102 Walking the dog while your honey gets ready for date night 94/122 Strumming the guitar while you serenade your señorita or señorito 94/122 A full-body massage with a pop kiss at the end 125/163 Rearranging furniture to make room for a new dining table 195/255 FAVORITE CALORIE- BURNERS A ROMANTIC WATERFRONT STROLL AT MUSEUM PARK 129/168 DANCING TO A LIVE BAND AT BLUE MARTINI IN BRICKELL 140/184 KAYAKING QUIETLY TOGETHER ALONG BISCAYNE BAY 148/194 * Source:; Calculations based on 30-year-old 5’6 130 female/30 year old 6’ 170 male 60