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Success T im epiece s WATCH TALK About 50 years ago, a watch was all about telling time and Timex’s motto was: “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.” Now they are an extension of your personality, real or imagined. Here are a few types of watch options and what they say about you. TEX T BY BILL LINDSEY DIVE WATCH What it says: “I’m a rugged individual who is at home in the boardroom or in 2,000 feet of water exploring the ruins of a sunken city.” How it came to be: Jacques Cousteau’s documentaries created the demand for what is now the gold standard for all adventurers. Who does it best: Rolex’ iconic Submariner. TANK WATCH What is says: “I’m an urbane, refined man of means.” How it came to be: Created by Cartier for WWI tank crews who needed a compact timepiece, it’s now the favorite of tycoons seeking a sleek, elegant means of arriving on time. Who does it best: Cartier. BIG FACE WATCH What is says: “I’m near-sighted and too vain to get glasses.” How it came to be: Rumor has it Sylvester Stallone kick-started this trend when he fell in love with Panerai Watches while vacationing in Italy a few years back. Who does it best: Panerai. CHRONOGRAPH What it says: “I’m a perfectionist who is often mistaken for an engineer.” How it came to be: Often found on the wrists of F1 drivers, the chronograph effortlessly keeps track of seconds, minutes & hours. Who does it best: The Rolex Daytona. DIGITAL What it says: “I can program my own computer.” How it came to be: After Casio created the category decades ago, this trend comes and goes, but for true digitals, it never goes out of style. Who does it best: Casio. NO WATCH What it says: “I’m bound by no rules.” Hot it came to be: The easy availability of pocket-sized phones made watch-wearers wonder why they needed both a watch and a cell on them at all times since the early 2000s. Who does it best: An Andriod phone. (Those who have iPhones wear a watch that costs at least 10x more than the phone did). 44