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Encounters w/ Sabadell Bank & Trust 1 3 2 4 5 SOMETHING’s COOKIN’ An interactive cooking dinner with world-renowned Master Chef Gerd Richter complete with wine and a 5-star meal was recently hosted by Sabadell Bank & Trust at Grove Isle as a thank-you to their customers. 1. Orlando Roche, Nelson Rodriguez, Fernando Perez-Hickman, Joseph Bolton 2. Maria Del Carmen Perez-Hickman, Fernando Perez-Hickman, Albert Tano 3. Stewart Kasner, Oscar Seikaly 4. Kerry Perez, Annerys Roche 5. Alison Miller, Maria Juncadella 6. Monica Zumpano, Carlos Zumpano, Cristina Pardo 7. Dennis Carvajal, Alexandra Luis 8. Dr. & Mrs. Jorge & Kerry Perez 9. Rey Navarro, Luis Quintana, Jose Quintana 6 7 142 8 9