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Encounters w/ ONE Ocean 1 3 2 4 5 LUXE LAUNCH Welcoming ONE Ocean to the real estate block, The Related Group hosted a private party with UBS VIPs & ONE Ocean future residents to launch their latest luxury development . — Photos by Sonja Garnitschnig 1. Andres Asion, Oswaldo Betancourt, Jorge Perez, Egardo Defortuna 2. Catalina Martinez, David Staple, Ina Espino Pereda 3. Alex Iglesias, Jose Bedia 4. Enzo Enea, Oswaldo Betancourt 5. Glenn Pushelberg, Sonia Figueroa 6. Oswaldo Betancourt, Jorge Perez, Barry Kay 7. Christine Martin De Castro, Andres Asion, Carolina Diago 6 7 133