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Encounters w/ The Related Group 1 3 2 4 5 Rising Success The Related Group celebrated the remarkable sales success of MyBrickell, Millecento & IconBay at a holiday brunch at the IconBay Sales Center at 500 Brickell. — Photos by Orlando Garcia 1. Carlos Rosso, Sonia Figueroa, Egardo Defortuna 2. Costansa Bloosson, Mariano Kahner, Alejandra Castillo 3. Hector Pinto, Oscar Reyes 4. Selene Arverso, Monica Cintron 5. Michelle Miniagorri, Adriana Brito 6. Egardo Defortuna, Bruno Rici 7. Ravier Nufithaut, Alejandra Castillo 6 130 7