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Success P e t s UPPER HOUND Didn’t get everything you wanted over the holiday season? What better antidote for the post-holiday blues than changing a furry friend’s life for the better? Below we showcase a few pups eager for a new home for the new year. TEX T BY RYAN JARRELL TRIXIE BELL A southern dame every bit as elegant as her name implies, this chic 20 lbs Terrier Mix is a hit with both her foster family’s kids and other dogs. Currently in search of her forever home, this tenacious terrier would be perfect for a condominium dweller who wants all the love a dutiful dog can provide without all the space; DUKE & SALLY A pair of senior Labradors who would be a lovingly laid-back addition to any Magic City home, this dynamic duo is crate-trained, housebroken and responsive to all basic commands. Found wandering the streets with no information, do yourself a favor and make aiding these two terrific dogs your New Year’s resolution; DOLLY An easygoing Black Lab who’s an instant intimate with everyone she meets, Dolly’s truly a dog’s dog — mild-mannered, unfailingly loyal and always willing to sit down for a snuggle. The bearer of a silky coat any fashionista would die for, you can add this adorable accessory to your home and know you’re truly starting fresh for 2018; CONDO CANINES joy. Most puppies aren’t too heavy and you’ll instill in them a daily pattern so they know their potty time isn’t until they’ve arrived outside. Even young puppies will start to learn to hold it until they’re in that familiar spot and you’ve prevented the accidents beforehand. Not so sure you want to ride in an elevator with a potentially squirmy pup? Potty patches and artificial turf are a convenient option to condition smaller breeds. They can be found at specialty pet stores and are great for small to medium-sized dogs. Best of all, they’re compact and will fit easily onto any balcony. It’s something that many Miami citizens run into: Newly gifted a hound for the holidays, just how do you ensure you keep that hi-rise condo carpet clean while still properly training your little bundle of joy? It’s easy to run into the issue of potty training your precious pet when you live on the 18th Floor. What if my dog doesn’t make it until we get outside? Are there more convenient options for me? Thankfully, trying to housebreak in a condo isn’t as troublesome as it seems. If you’re looking to walk your puppy and want to ensure they’ll make it to the grassy spot just outside the lobby, holding them in your arms for the elevator ride is a good security blanket. It also provides some much-needed cuddle time with your little bundle of 42 ABOUT THE AUTHOR › Dee Hoult is the CEO of Applause Your Paws, South Florida’s largest privately owned pet dog-training company, and Miami’s leading user-rated dog-training company on