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Success F ie s ta HOUSE PARTY Some of our favorite, haziest parties in The Magic City didn’t require glittering venues or lavish clubs, but a cooler full of beer, an outdoor speaker and some understanding neighbors. Below are some tips to make your house party a hit. T E X T BY RYA N JA R R E LL 1. Overstock: Miami is a metropolis recognized for its excess, and your soiree should be no exception. Think you have enough food and booze? Double the order. 2. Forewarn: In a city where a 9:30 p.m. dinner is considered “Early Bird” assured your fiesta might drag on. Warn your neighbors ahead of time, or better yet, invite them over! 3. A Pig: One suckling pig. One spit. Instant success. A millennia of parties worldwide have hinged on this one delicious ingredient. 4. Zones: Set separate areas for dancing and quiet conversation. Your wallflower friends will be thankful. 5. No Regrets: Tia Benita’s good china has been in the family for generations — lock it up! You’re always better safe than sorry. 6. Fantastic Plastics: While seat coverings may look gaudy, they can save friendships. Red wine stains ruin lives. 7. Let It Go: Don’t micromanage. The best parties are often the least planned. And any truly good friend can be guilted into helping clean- up the next morning. 8. Tunes: No dead air, please. Whether smooth jazz, EDM or the latest Billboard Top 20, keep the hits coming. 9. Night Owls: There’s always a few stragglers convinced the party’s just getting started at 4 a.m. Asking them politely to leave isn’t rude; we all have our limits! 48