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Success F inan ce MONEY MASTERMIND Sebastian Mallaby took more than 5 years to research the The Man Who Knew: The Life & Times Of Alan Greenspan . The result is an intimate insight into the mysterious point where government and the economy meet at the fiscal landscape of the past 30 years. Known as an “economic statesman,” Greenspan spent a lifetime grappling with the transformation of finance from the post-WWII system to the free-for-all of the past quarter-century. His story embodies the making of modern finance; — SAN DY LI N D S EY POCKET TYCOON Whether you’re a new investor looking to become a real estate tycoon or are aspiring to expand an existing property portfolio, the Best Property Buy App puts a wealth of key information at your fingertips. The software divides the marketplace into 4 handy sections: straight investments, properties to renovate, properties to subdivide and bargains in any market. Compare up to 10 properties at a time. A handy inspection tool allows you to take pictures and record property features during site visits; — SANDY LINDSEY GOING FORWARD Donald Trump’s campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” involves some strong economic policies. We take a brief overview of what the 45th President of the U.S. has planned. TEX T BY STACY W YNN 26 LOWER TAXES President Trump is in favor of cutting taxes for all income brackets and reducing the number of tax brackets from 7 to 3. Under his plan, earnings under $29,000 would not be taxed. MORE JOBS Trump’s wants to “put Americans back to work” by encouraging businesses to open in the U.S., removing regulations to make it easier for companies to hire and increase infrastructure spending. TARIFF TALK The Donald has called for stricter tariffs on imports, specifically a 35% tax on products from Mexico and 45% on those coming in from China, to encourage the buying of U.S.-made goods.