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Encounters w/ Beatrice Row HIGHLY ANTICIPATED The groundbreaking for Beatrice Row took place on site with the Coral Gables Mayor and the Development Team. The luxury development will be located along Anderson between Valencia and Biltmore Way. — Photos by Betty Alvarez 1. Marco Osorio, Francisco Cuello, Enrique Garcia, Walter Defortuna, Daniel Guerra, Venny Torre, Maria De La Guardia, Alirio Torrealba, Jeannett Slesnick, Esther Prat, Ginger Jochem, Jenny Ducret, Fernando Pinto 2. Byron Hohm, Patty Ellwein, Aimee & Mike Mahoney 3. Coco Palenque Torre, Vanessa & David Candib 4. Walter Defortuna, Daniel Guerra, Rafael Garcia Toledo 5. Venny Torre, Steven Manolis, Kristen Manolis 1 2 3 4 5 150