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Insight SUNNY OUTLOOK With conflicting views in regards to our next president, and a cloud of uncertainty that dawdles above — as is customary for our nation, we shall rise up again to the challenge at hand: Uniting our country and moving forward. TE X T BY FR ANCESC A CRUZ T he last couple of months have been what feels like a tsunami of political conundrum, and even a slight hark back to Civil War era sentiment of “brother fighting brother” for our country. The divide is so deep that the rift is apparent — you can’t avoid the conversations, be it on social media, the proverbial locker room or the water cooler at work. People want to vent, some want to rejoice, others weep, and many are still overwhelmed with the outcome. What lingers behind with a lot of the conversations I’ve had, or been privy to, is this layer of numbed perplexed fear. A fear for what comes next once Trump takes office, and a bewilderment of how he was able to outwit the establishment and win. As a journalist, my intention is to be as objective as I possibly can with this baffling scenario that is just beginning to unfold this month. Not since the contentious presidential debate in 118 1824 between outsider Andrew Jackson and political dandy John Quincy Adams has there been such a drama-ridden divide. From erased emails, to cloistered tax returns, to references toward a portion of our countrymen being deplorable — and, of course, we can’t omit the unnerving remarks by Trump in reference to grabbing women by the you-know-what. It was in 1960 in the first televised presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon that the U.S. ushered in a new era for political parties. Both parties welcomed in the practice of crafting the public image for their respective candidates. This was a time when we struggled with civil rights, the country was in the midst of the Cold War, we were in a heated race with the Soviet Union to make it into space; Fidel Castro’s regime had just taken hold of Cuba and there were heightening fears of wide- spread communism. Both candidates jumped at the opportunity of taking full advantage of media exposure.