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Encounters w/ Laufen Bathrooms REFRESHING VISION Miami Ironside’s creative community together with Laufen North America opened their showrooms and studios for a night of creative and social opulence, music and performances. — Photos by Korey Davis 1. Tami Miller, Javier Korneluk, Leigh Suffian 2. Marc Viardot, Livia Pedreira 3. Javier Korneluk, Ofer Mizrahi, Marc Viardot 4. Gina Zuniga Baldwin, Adrian Loving 5. Pedro Ariel, Tom Strala, Cristina Ferraz 6. Bruce And Debra Spector 7. Alison Kunkrl, John Kunkel 8. Jorge Cabrera, Mirtha Cabrera 9. Flavia Archetti, Lauro Andrade, Luciana Perez 1 3 2 182 4