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Cover Story Le Parc 12 Floors 128 Units Capital At Brickell Coming Soon 1100 Millecento BrickellHouse 46 Floors 374 Units Echo Brickell 55 Floors 180 Units SLS Brickell 42 Floors 382 Units The Bond 44 Floors 328 Units Brickell Heights NINE 35 Floors 390 Units 1010 Brickell (2 Buildings) 1,000 Units 50 Floors 387 Units 133 Hotel Rooms 450 Units Are you Ready? Panorama Tower 80-85 Floors 941 Units This depiction of Miami’s skyline could become a reality sooner than you might think, and what’s on the horizon is sure to forever change the way the world looks at our metropolis by the sea. 86