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Success F ie s ta Pure Theatrics The diamond of movie theatres, Paragon Grove 13 sits atop the iconic CocoWalk. Previously owned and operated by AMC, the theatre re-opened its doors in 2010 after undergoing a $4 million upgrade. High-definition digital projection with 3D and all-reserved VIP premier seating complete with tray tables are just a few of the features that instill luxury and convenience for moviegoers seeking an experience unlike anything else. A cinematic setting for corporate movie screenings and private events where patrons can enjoy a diverse selection of tapas, fine wines and beers, Paragon Grove 13 is the epitome of movie- watching; — Carla Torres Luxurious Endeavors The Great Gatsby taught us that a little party never killed anybody, but how is it all put together? Soho House is renowned for creating an environment that’s unmatchable. A meeting and networking place for creatives, its as whimsical as it is inspiring. From throwing a memorable party and making a truly comfortable bed, to building a bathroom from scratch, or even curating an art collection, Soho House does it all. And now, their secret is out…in a 159-page guide, titled Eat, Drink, Nap. Skip the party one Saturday, and read all about it instead, out next month; $50; — Carla Torres Staycations Sensations A much-needed break is in order after the holiday season. Not planning on going anywhere? You Central Perk Meet new and old friends over a don’t have to. Run away to some bottle of wine and a cheese wedge of the city’s covert sanctuaries at Lagniappe as you indulge in lovely conversation underneath the for a day. T e x t by C ar l a To r r e s 60 stars or cuddle on the inside couch while listening to some live tunes; Brokedown Palace Tropical Blends At Broken Shaker, handcrafted cocktails with homegrown infusions picked out of a backyard garden and jenga blocks that orate quotes from tourists and locals are the norm. If the sand weren’t walking distance, you’d forget this was Miami Beach; The country’s southernmost winery doesn’t use grapes to blend their spirits. At Schnelby, avocado, guava and mango are all on the menu. A guided tour followed by an interactive tasting will make you an expert in tropical fruit wines in no time;