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Encounters w/ J.R. Sosa Properties 2 1 3 4 5 Pleasant introduction Record-breaking real estate firm J.R. Sosa Properties hosted an elegant cocktail party to celebrate the opening of its new office on Brickell Key and share the milestone with clients, family and friends. 6 7 184 1. The Sosa Family 2. Cesar Rojas, Alejandro Barnola, Francisco Burgos, Carlos Valenzuela 3. Jose Roman Sosa, Phillip Sebok, Anne Gagnon, Samuel Gonzalez 4. Marion Castro, Fatima & Carlos Baptista 5. J.R. Sosa Properties Team w/ Clients 6. Alfredo Nieves, Liz Rosell, Arnold Mazur 7. Nestor Guillen, Mauricio Bello, Manuel Gomez 8. Cesar Rojas, Judith Peraza, Alejandro Barnola, Puri Perez 9. Alejandro Sanchez, Nati Botero 8 9