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Encounters w/ ONE Sotheby’s 1 2 3 4 Art Time With art lovers on hand, ONE Sotheby’s & CIFO recently unveiled their latest exhibit of the ONE CIFO Project at the CIFO Art Space in Miami. 1. Claudia Fernandez, Marisela Cisneros, Mayi De La Vega, Ella Cisneros 2. Jack McAllister, Sheila Gasson, Anna Luisa Almonte, Yury Byliner 3. Jarred Shapiro, Marielle Emlow, Mike Kiely 4. Jennifer Hoberman, John Turchin, Susan Turzakn 5. Madeleine Romanello, Frank Kirschaer, Veronica Caraccido 6. Paolo Viaconti, Elaine Dweck, Raymond Bolduc 7. Ella Cisneros, Mayi De La Vega, Reginald Fairchild 5 6 160 7