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Success Real Estate Garden Palace Even if you aren’t planning a move to Singapore, check out this truly unique development from Moshe Safdie in Bishan Central. This beautiful, innovative project consists of 2 condo buildings linked by 3 walkways in the sky containing gardens, pools and recreational spaces. The unusual structure allowed the building to abound with other outdoor terraces and personal gardens, creating a space of natural beauty, sunlight and airflow. A truly cool solution to the downers of urban living; Prime Properties Regardless of how nice the views are from your office, home is where the heart is. Take a look at these residential and commercial offerings. Brickell Four Seasons $1,425,000. 2 bedroom / 2.5 bath Floor to ceiling windows Ana Somarriba. 305.215.1686 Brickell ave $440,000. 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths Amazing Bay & City Views Giulietta Ulloa. 305.710.6620 Coral Gables Round House Trust German engineers to realize that what we all really dream of is a personalized geodesic dome. After having made these impressive structures for fairs and exhibitors, Zendome has recently released a “home” model. Set it up as a garden retreat, a temporary guesthouse, or let the kids go wild in it. We like the idea of putting it up as a shed, then convincing the neighbors it’s actually a spaceship; $4,500,000. 6 bedrooms, 7 baths Luxury Mediterranean House Norka Babino. 305.244.1260 Key Biscayne $8,900,000. 4bedrooms, 5.5 baths Doug Kinsley/Cristian Gonzalez. 305.215.5900 / 305.775.3426 Luxury Prefab The words “prefabricated home” can easily conjure nightmares of bland developments and poor construction, but there’s far more out there on the market. Check out these seriously cool possibilities. 26 Box Free Earth Friendly Compact Package Design your own ultra-modern luxury home with FlatPak. You select every aspect from an a la carte menu, wall by gorgeous glass wall, while their engineers help ensure that your home takes full advantage of its stellar setting; It might look like something out of a coffeetable architecture book, but modular homes from LABhaus are designed to be affordable — and earth-friendly, with energy-efficient lighting packages and recycled components; LABhaus. Need a little more space? And we do mean, just a little. Check out Add-A- Room’s One + house. Build what you like out of Add-A-Room’s Lego-like cottage chic modules, or simply complement your existing structure.