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Encounters 1 4 2 3 5 GRAND NETWORKING CREW-Miami held its annual networking and fundraising event entitled “Cocktails, Community & Connections” at Wells Fargo Center in Downtown Miami. — Photos by Meg Pukel Photography 6 7 152 1. Lyan Fernandez, Jeffrey Mazor, Suzanne Amaducci 2. Ricardo Tano-Feijoo, Ellen Blasi, Andres Rodriguez 3. Sean Tanner, Torry Watson, Roger Soman 4. Sharon Silver, Terri Echarte, Jack Lowell, Natasha Lowell 5. Rosendo Caveiro, Diana Parker, Veronica Flores 6. Jon Gillman, Alfie Hamilton, David Metalonis, Jonathan Lay 7. Rebecca LeTiecq, Paul Reinarman, Marti Mang, Tere Blanca, Ramon Rodriguez 8. Don Fergueson, Gipsy Smith, Mark Smith, Cynthia Stehman 8