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Encounters @ Caruna Spa 1 2 3 4 SPA HURRAH Lucky guests recently enjoyed a day of beauty and relaxation at Caruna Spa that included plenty of complimentary treatments and tons of discounts on products and services. 1. Carolina Lizarazo, Carolina Torero 2. Hernan Cristaldi, Felipe Cristaldi, Manny Balani, Carolina Torero, Nico Balani 3. Patricia Mitev, Valerie Giravel, Juliana Ross 4. Lolo Wise, Milena Lizarazo 5. Kimberly Leary, Lynette Janae, Michael Ronayne 6. Alonso Tomas, Samira Eayad 7. Laura Pena, Jose Calderin, Carolina Lizarazo 5 6 150 7 8