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Encountes @ Vizcayne 1 2 4 3 5 TIME MACHINE Vizcayne recently hosted an event to showcase a unique image of Downtown Miami…10 years from now. The gathering provided a unique platform to gather those making a difference within the community including those involved in projects like Genting, Museum Park, The Tunnel Project, Port of Miami, Movie Entertainment Complex, Swire and more. 6 8 144 7 1. Celeste Gouvea, Renata Santos 2. Christopher Suarez, George Fraguio, Andres Asion 3. Nick Grossi, Alexander Wertheim, Cladson Araujo 4. Philip Spiegelman, Craig Studnicky 5. Maria Alejandra Escobar, Tania Castellanos, Maria Laviosa, Alejandra Arrieta, Nirka Burns 6. Sam Azar, Bruce Harwood 7. Susana Duque, Jessica Levy-Kiibler, Rachel Levy 8. Thomas Duncan, Philip Speigelman, Larry Mango