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Encounters 1 2 4 3 Thrilling unveiling More than 100 of Miami’s top real estate and business professionals gathered at Miami hotspot Meat Market to get the first look at the highly anticipated BrickellHouse development, expected to bring a new level of sophistication to urban living to Brickell. Photos by Manny Hernandez 5 7 138 6 1. Karen Elmir, Anunka Valverde, Nelson Rios 2. Perla Machaden, Selene Arvesu 3. Jessica Julia, Armando Naranjo, Ana Gomez, Tomas Hoffman, Javier Borrero 4. Bill Becker, Ali Lamadrid 5. Jacqueline Regmault, Carmen More 6. David Tornek, Vanessa Padilla, Richard Millard 7. Herman Taboaba, Harvey Hernandez, Jose Luis Castro