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Encounters @ Sabadell Financial Center 1 2 Helping Hands United Way of Miami-Dade Young Leaders welcomed the season by mingling and making new connections at Sabadell Financial Center while collecting non- perishable goods and diapers to benefit low- income families. 1. Joel Goren, Suat Palpas 2. Cecilia Reyna, Sergio Marquez, Tracy Koko 3. Maureen Vrizar, Sandra Tapia, Sofia Volbyn 4. Lucy Nunez, Lars Gilberts 5. Robert Sucher, Abbey Feinberg, Natasha D’Souza, Sergio Marquez 6. Amy Ehrenreich, Marissa Leichter 7. Ana Colls, Carey Kane 8. Kathy Blanco, Ana Ordonez 9. Joy Hsu, Anthony Bonaventure 10. Romina Meta, Florencia De Salvo 11. Lissette Carlo, Robert Sucher, Alison Colberg 12. Jessica Mancuso, Zara Iman, Cathy Forte 3 4 136 5