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Passport Businesswise Winning Idea After 18 years in the real estate business, Monica Venegas is ready to go out on her own — and seriously shake things up in South Florida and beyond. T e x t by Jacq uely n B enso n Ph otos by An to n i o Eli F or Monica Venegas, it was obvious: There was a huge opportunity at the heart of the international real estate biz that no one seemed to be properly taking advantage of. The concept was startlingly simple: She would approach marketing real estate as a sort of private bank, advising her international clientele to diversify their portfolio of assets by buying top- notch investment properties in Miami. The result of this inspiration is Venegas International Group, a boutique, exclusive real estate office with a strong emphasis on international relationships and great investments. It’s a business model Venegas herself is uniquely positioned to exploit, 112 thanks to her remarkable track record working with marketing and selling developments in Miami to the international market. With 18 years in the field, Venegas has racked up over $1 billion in sales while working with the developers of some of South Florida’s most high-profile luxury properties, including Portofino Tower, Murano at Portofino, Murano Grande, Icon South Beach, Aquazul, Trump Hollywood, Four Seasons and Quantum on the Bay. Her secret? She takes the developments she works with worldwide. Her travels marketing projects have taken her to an impressive list of locales including Spain, France, Italy, England, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela, among others.