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Entrepreneur nicely Organized! If your looking to spruce up your drab living and working spaces, your search is over thanks to local interior organizer Claudia Miyar and the signature room transformations she has come to be known for throughout her career. Text by Lourdes Reigosa Photos: From TOp: PRofile: bridges aderhold; 2nd: Michael Stavaridis; Bottom 2: Moris Moreno Y ou walk into your room and look to your left to see clothes piled up on your favorite chair. Turning to your right, a stack of papers rivaling that of a university file room stands before you. Hey, it’s understandable. Now, before you start to freak out and resort to calling Clean House or Trading Spaces, calm down and phone Claudia Miyar. Clutter and chaos have met their match in the former editor and stylist at O at Home, Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living. With the emergence of the “Interior Organizer” as an accessible option over the standard interior designer, Miyar has returned to Brickell to style spaces and help people make sense of them through organizing, redecorating and flat-out redesigning by tackling a room that has gotten out of control or reworking a space that’s looking stale. “I usually work with what people already have and freshen it up a bit, often moving artwork around to sort of reinterpret what they already have in new ways,” she says. “Sometimes it’s as easy as getting a new rug and a few accent pillows.” What’s best, she typically does a complete overhaul in one day. “I work with people who trust my taste and experience,” she says. “I’m sort of a mind reader. Sometimes I have to extrapolate a bit from what people tell me and make an intangible ideal come together.” So why does she do what she does? “We spend so much time at work and at home that our moods are affected by our spaces,” she explains. “I’m just happy that I get to do something that I love and that I’m good at. Whether it’s a beautifully styled room for a photoshoot or it’s a home or office for a client, I’m happy knowing I left the space looking better than it was when I walked in.” To start on your own journey toward stylish spaces, call 917.689.9741 or visit 48