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Success F inan ce Bespoke Kicks I f you want to know the true make of a man, you won’t find it in his jacket or tie. It’s on his feet. Make sure yours make the right statement by trying on a pair of finely-crafted Scribe made-to-order shoes from luxury Swiss brand Bally. Every shoe is handmade in original leather, which is then dyed and polished for an elegant, antique effect. Precise, multiple stitching, magnificent brogueing, and a perfect, custom fit polishes an executive look with true class; Dignified Desk Is your current desk basically a display case for your paper-clip catapult and collection of bobble-head dolls? Grow up and replace it with one that projects “person-to-be-taken-seriously” instead of “class clown”. This Montclair Kidney Desk is built of chestnut and cherry with a rich traditional finish and a timeless, sophisticated look. What’s more, makers Hooker Furniture recently received the Environmental Leadership Award from the American Home Furnishings Alliance, which means you’ll be helping the earth while you do wonders for your image; $3,205, Foreclosures Fouls Foreclosures are stopped and then started again; banks are accused of rubber-stamping the mortgage assignments. Many factory firms and banks that have stripped homeowners of their due process rights are being scrutinized. What can the average person make of all these headlines? Interestingly enough our office has seen this coming for over a year now and has been putting together a lawsuit against these same lenders. We have realized that many South Floridians are losing their home and are unable to “qualify” for assistance. The horror stories that we have heard about people who are in modification payments and still lose their home, and those that are in modification but the lender simply cannot locate their investor to solidify the modification, are all too common. To move forward with a foreclosure action, the lender must be able to prove that they have the legal right to foreclose on the note. Careful review of these loan documents often reveals that improper procedures were followed by the lending institutions. Many banks had sold the loans to investment trust and to investment pools. During the transfer, many of the crucial steps required by law were circumvented to speed up the process. It takes a trained eye, but with a little investigative work a homeowner can often find errors in their loan documents. For lenders that simply don’t have standing, we are filing lawsuits against them and placing the burden on these lenders to claim their right to collect this debt. A lender who attempts to collect a debt that they do not own is subject to statutory penalties premised on the Florida Fair Debt Collection Act. If you feel you have been a victim, consult with a qualified attorney or call our office. The entire team at The Law Office of Adorno, Damas, & Associates P.L. is always available for more information on this topic as well as several other areas of law. To schedule a free consultation, call 305.381.9999. Write Stuff We all know how important a well- designed business card can be for making a good first impression. But there’s another key item we often overlook: your pen. What does your writing device of choice say about you? 40 Easy Scribble Benefits? They’re economical, practical, and you could care less if someone steals one from you. But on the downside, the trusty ballpoint lacks character, and may make you look, well, cheap. Deluxe Doodle Made to impress, these luxury fountain pens simply ooze elegance and style — and possibly ink all over your shirt pocket. And since it cost you most of a paycheck, watch it like a hawk. Funny Writes If you’re looking for added impact at your next meeting, a furry pet- pen is a must. Besides showcasing your creativity, it gets the job done. Think of it as a functional good-luck charm.