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Success E s t he t i que Haute Hair T his season is all about symmetry, so expect to see influences of balance, fluidity and definition all over the fashion world — from clothing to accessories to hair. Here’s everything you need to know to let your locks look lovely come 2011. The Cut: Harmony Line Symmetry and harmony go hand in hand. Just slightly off from perfect alignment, this asymmetric profile perfectly balances cut and color. Forehead featuring gives prominence to a bold cut while solid color separations deliver softness and fluidity. The Cut: Symmetry Line Research suggests that the human brain is attracted to balance, that we find beauty in symmetry. This look aims to frame the face geometrically to create the perfect symmetric separations. With hidden layers, this cut creates an exaggerated shape, leaving the hair free to move with the wearer. A hip, trendy look for all ages. The Cut: Elegance Line For ultimate elegance, soften the face with a delicate perimeter. Rounded lines create gentle framing and add to the girlish delight of this style. A perfect symmetrical layered cut combined with an asymmetric panel create a versatile effect that can be styled many ways. From sleek to wavy, adaptability is one of the paths to hair greatness. The Cut: Balance Line A classical cut for casual-style men. Created by symmetric separations merged with modern color highlights, customization is the key to this style statement. Perfect for work, play and everything in between. Like these looks? Secure your favorite style at Studio D by Paolo Salon. To schedule a free consultation, or to make an appointment, call: 305.372.1449, stop by the studio at 117 NE 2nd Ave. or visit Classic Lines, Classy Looks This season life imitates art. The new inspiration for fashion and hair comes to us with lines, symmetry, fluidity and definition. They call it “Nuovo Classicismo”; we call it divine. If you’re looking for a new look for tired tresses, look no further than Studio D by Paolo Salon. This new 2010-2011 cut and color collection comes to the U.S. by way of Milano Couture & Hair Design by Mahogany Hairdressing + Alfaparf Milano. And Dinho, the “mane stylist” at Studio D, has been thoroughly trained in these new trends taking the fashion and styling worlds by storm. The inspiration of these lovely lock looks comes from classical art influences. The same beauty trends found in renaissance art and the most influential of Italian painters has been transposed to today’s tendrils. This is one trend worth watching this season. And one that will definitely make an impact no matter what the occasion. Gone are the asymmetrical, choppy cuts from last season’s selection, this year opt for creativity through symmetry. Look for squared lines for the shoulders and reduced volume overall. The goal: harmonious geometries. And in our opinion, it works. Dinho is the featured hair artist at Studio D by Paolo Salon. For more information, to schedule a free consultation, or to make an appointment, call: 305.372.1449 or stop by the studio located at 117 NE 2nd Ave. View their full list of services like massages, facials, nails, waxing and more, visit Hair Health Make sure to invest in these products to keep your hair healthy, shiny, manageable and compliment-ready all year long, regardless of what nature may throw your way! 36 Nutri Seduction Nutri Seduction is an innovative system designed to replenish the essential moisture balance of dry to very dry hair. These nourishing formulas are perfectly blended to provide the optimal dosage of essential moisture and proteins to treat from roots to ends. Hair Power Hair beauty begins at the roots. For strong, healthy hair it is absolutely essential to care for the scalp. Thanks to a new generation of scalp products, now you can maximize the effectiveness of scalp therapy without sacrificing hair beauty. Strong Color The latest technological frontier for color protection, the exclusive synergy of linseed extract unique shine and the revolutionary anti- fading color block+ technology is available in the Semi D Lino Diamante Color Protection Line.