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Success A t Y o ur B e s t Foam Free Sometimes it’s worth it to question the unquestionable — like, for example, using shampoo. According to hair guru Chaz Dean, traditional shampoos can leave hair dry and frizzy, as well as drying out scalps and stripping color. His WEN cleansing conditioner cleans hair without the use of harsh detergents, improving the health and texture of your hair. Believe the infomercials, people; Available for $28; Get Well Working with a wellness coach is like taking a step beyond the standard variety of personal training. These experts help guide you not just through physical fitness routines, but support every aspect of your health — from nutritional tips to stress management and everything in between. The best part is they can easily meet your scheduling needs, whether in person, by phone or email; The Secret My secret for looking and feeling like you’re in your 20s is simple. First, is solely personality. A woman is not a woman unless she is a lady. A complete lady should never leave home without feeling as such. I believe the key ingredient to staying young is always trying to look your best. I wake up every day and workout. All you need is 30 minutes at a gym — or at home, for all you moms. Weightlifting is the component of staying fit. Cardio doesn’t burn fat until 30 minutes after you start, but weight lifting provides immediate burning and firming. A woman’s body needs to be strong in order to conquer the world! I also consider the mind as the “general” of the battle. The mind needs to stay clean and healthy with positive thinking. My mother always told me to keep goodness around me and blessings would follow. After the “general” comes “colonel”, which basically means your diet. I stay away from carbs unless it’s Sunday! My diet is mainly fish and chicken with veggies. Diet is 60 percent of the battle. I also insist that one’s personal life will show in your body and face. A positive woman will reflect eliteness and a sad woman will show negativity on her face and body. It’s vital to love yourself and look in the mirror and say “I love you” to yourself. Yes, it’s funny, but I actually do this. The love of a child also keeps you young. Keep your children exercising and thinking they are the best people in the world. And of course, a tanned body just looks that much healthier! Zurami Pascual has been a socialite and philanthropist most of her life. She’s hosted major charity events throughout the years and has sat on many charity boards throughout Miami-Dade County, South Florida and beyond. Fashion Funk You’d probably be the last one to know if you’re stuck in a fashion rut, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you know if it’s time for a change, before your family members drag you on What Not To Wear. 30 Ba d H a i r Day Pe ac e O u t Bo r i n g At ti r e When’s the last time you changed the look of your hair? Six months ago? Two years? Or maybe Bon Jovi was still on the charts. If you haven’t tried out a new style in a while, it might be time for a renovation. When you run into old friends and they tell you that you look just like you did in high school, they might not be talking about your youthful complexion. If you’re still rocking the same threads, donate them — stat. When heading for a night out, do you spend hours staring at your closet in frustration? Or simply reach for the same outfit you wear every time? Either way, you’re probably lacking something fun and fresh!