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Success A la M ode Shoe Power M arisol Gomez is an Image & Style Consultant who helps individuals find their inner essence and then coaches them on how best to show it to the world through personal style. For more style and image tips, visit Women’s shoes have almost unlimited possibilities, varieties and styles. But, what is an ideal shoe to create a slimmer appearance? Follow the tips below to look slimmer in your shoes: 1. Match Your Shoes & Legs: A monotone color all the way down will lengthen the leg. In winter, wear a black opaque stocking and black pump. 2. Wear Slingbacks: One of the most rewarding side-effects of wearing this style of shoe is most definitely the fact that they keep the ankle clean, which means your legs will look thinner and longer, no matter what the season. 3. V-shaped Vamps: One of the best tips I can offer is to wear shoes with V-shaped vamps as often as possible. The V shape really helps your legs look thinner and taller, and what girl doesn’t want that?! 4. Sandals/Opened-Toe: Shoes with an open-toe or high-heeled sandals will give your thighs and calves a slimmer appearance than a closed-toe shoe will. Plus, they are way more comfortable. 5. Match Your Shoes & Hose/Tights: Matching your shoes to your hose or tights, when wearing a skirt or a dress, will help your legs look thinner. If your skirt is also in a matching color, you’ll look thinner from the waist down. 6. Avoid Ankle Straps & Ankle Boots: Usually these constricting styles will give the appearance of shorter legs. For the most part longer seems thinner, so skip the ankle straps if you want your legs to look slimmer. Look 1: Dress by Bryan Reyes $995 @ Saks Look 2: Blouse by DKNY $57.99 @ Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland Mall. Belt by Street Ahead $125 @ Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland Mall. Shoes by Christian Loubotin $995 @ Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland Mall. Fifth Avenue, Dadeland Mall. Skirt by Diane von Furstenberg $ 245 @ Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland Mall. Shoes by Yves Saint Laurent $945 @ Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland Mall. Fresh Faced Looking for great skin? Try the 30-day Organics to Go Kit from Juice Beauty. Packed with powerful botanicals such as antioxidant-rich cherry, lemon juices and green apple, the combination of cleanser, exfoliator, replenishing serum and moisturizer will leave your skin feeling clear, fresh, healthy and eco-friendly; $39, Animal Instincts Unleash your inner anaconda with the Celina Clutch from uber-hot New York designer Kara Ross. Wrought in glazed python skin with gold and onyx, this clutch — and its several drop-dead gorgeous cousins — recently made a cameo at Neiman Marcus in Village of Merrick Park; $1,320, Stylish Throwbacks Men’s fashion hasn’t changed too much in the last 100 years — but what has isn’t always for the better. Here are 3 classics we’d love to see make a comeback. 24 B ow t i e D r e a m s James Bond proves that wearing one of these doesn’t mean you’ll look like a nerdy science teacher. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that – Raiders of the Lost Ark, anyone? H o t H at From Abe Lincoln to Jamiroquai, the top hat (in all its sizes) has crowned the head of many a leader, but despite a select brave few, a small percentage of men opt for them when it comes to headgear. Cane Style They’re not just for little old ladies with bad hips. A sporty walking stick can make for a snappy, stylish accessory. Plus, you can hide a sword in it. And who doesn’t want a secret sword on hand?