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Success S alud Buddy System G et in touch with your inner core through getting in touch with someone else’s inner core, too! Meet Principle- Based Partner Yoga, a playful and powerful yoga system that requires you to find a buddy — preferably one who uses a good deodorant. Be prepared to get into each other’s personal bubbles in a way that builds trust, compassion and creativity; Skin Perfect Science is a beautiful thing. And this time, it brings you an innovative new skincare line from LPG, creators of the Endermologie spa system. The active ingredients of the LPG package do wonderful things like stimulating anti-glycation activity and collagen neo-synthesis — which is science-talk for activating the natural processes that help keep skin young and firm; Joint Save Arthritis of the hip and knee is one of the most common medical conditions. In its early stage we can treat it with exercise, injections and medication. When all else fails, joint replacement (arthoplasty) surgery is necessary. In 2010 there was over a million arthroplasties performed in the U.S. Newer techniques such as small-incision surgery and preemptive pain management drastically reduce recovery time and make the surgical procedure a more pleasant experience. More advanced materials are being utilized in the bearing surfaces and the metal alloys that are currently utilized are much improved. After joint replacement surgery most patients are on their feet by the next day, and the average hospital stay is 3-4 days. Rehabilitation can range from two weeks to three months. After surgery, most patients can return to their activities without pain. Cycling, swimming and golf are encouraged after surgery but impact loading of the joints is not recommended. Patients considering this type of surgery should find a specialist who is knowledgeable in joint replacement and obtain an evaluation. The Orthopaedic Institute at Mercy Hospital offers state-of-the-art surgical care with a comprehensive research program. Our physicians and staff are fully bilingual and committed to serving patients in a professional and compassionate manner. We offer personalized attention and accommodating hours. Whether suffering from a work or sports injury or arthritis, we are committed to restoring your mobility and improving the quality of your life. Carlos J. Lavernia, M.D., is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Medical Director of the Orthopaedic Institute at Mercy Hospital. For a consultation of more information, call 305.285.5085 or visit Ignored Muscles We all spend plenty of time (or should) working on our biceps, triceps and gluts. But there are a few important muscle groups you’re very likely neglecting on your circuit. 22 Nice Neck Buff Back Fit Forearms Those of us with desk jobs place particular strain on our necks, and in the long run it shows in the form of painful stiffness. Try some careful, gentle stretching in the form of easy neck rolls. The muscles of your back are often neglected during a typical work-out — and they’re often the ones that need the most help. Strengthening your back can help prevent serious injuries. While busy focusing on upper arms and shoulders, forearms are often ignored. Keeping them strong and stretched can help lessen your chances of carpal tunnel syndrome and other painful conditions.