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Encounters @ Ventuno Dressed to Impress Some of Ventuno’s best-dressed VIPs gathered to network and take a look at the exclusive Italian men’s executive and social attire collection. 1. Lucia, Elias, Diego, Samy Marouki 2. Jose Ponte and Rafael Rodriguez 3. Jerry Applegate and Effi Shalom 4. Lucila Anderson and Creonice Lawson 5. Marina Amoretti, Maribel Valdez and Tatiana Acuna 6. Steven Kadoch, Laura Zarama and Daniel Liste 7. Nicole Shelley and Bob Arnold 8. Rick and Nilda Hernandez 9. Allen Stein and Gabrielle Conea 10. Antonio Pineiro, Maria Napoles and Tony Cabrera 11. Sach Khanna & Daniel Vaisman 12. Emilio Choppin and Jason Dapko 13. Wilhelmine Carby and Frances Puente 14. Frank Fernandez and Lourdes Marsans 15. Pat Dulcio, Jenkins Joseph and Eli Belony 16. Lucia and Samy Marouki and Daniel Liste 17. Maria Paulson and Ana Rapenseifner 18. Chase Young and Robert Manley 2 3 4 5 7 144 1 6 8 9