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Encounters Great Gathering The Sabadell Financial Center hosted a special gallery along with 1111 Brickell Office, LLC, and MD Datran Management to ring in the holiday season with friends and colleagues. 1. Joseph Ciura, James Levy, Tirza Jova, Alejandra Pedrol 2. Caroline Doura, Kris Doura, Stella Ireton 3. David St. Louis, Diane Alvarez, Ryan C. Weber 4. Brad W. McMorris, Lawrence Alexander 5. Damaso Munoz, Brad W. McMorris, Lawrence Alexander, Steven F. Arch 6. Fernando Cacabels, Michelle Arce, Claribeth Feliciano, Julian Knight 7. Carolina Nino, Herly Tejada, Jessie Santos 8. Evelyn House, Yamani Santos, Guissel Velez 9. Jim Pagliaroli, Laura Vargas, Alex Fornet 2 3 5 7 1 4 6 8 9 139