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Encounters Fun for a cause Green Grass united fashion with art for a good cause to benefit a toy drive to benefit the children of Haiti. — Photos by Winston Delawar Photography 1. Claudia Sanz, Edna Berger, Vicky Echeverry and Isa Zapata 2. Bridgett Sanchez, Kim bacardi, April Bolet and Dana Mark 3. Angela Bonilla, Nick Garcia and Lorena Holguin 4. Astrid Poletti, Brenda Pelaez and Stefano Filetti 5. Claudia Sanz and Francesca Icarus 6. Juliana Coll, Diana Galvis and Carolina Pacheco 7. David Candido, Claudia Sanz, Carlos Sanz, and Francesca Belluomini 8. Norma Castillo, Vincent de Paul, Kim Bacardi and April Polet 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 137