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Encounters Luxe Launch The 2011 Audi A8 took center stage at the Design District with a very private party to celebrate its launch. Among the guests were South Florida auto aficionados and industry VIPs. 1. Gladiz Wiles, Fredy Wiles and Al Vasquez 2. Andrew Lipman and Johan de Nysschen 3. Martha Luia Flores and Jaime Florez 4. Anja Kaehny, Teresa Bravo, Sarah Toycen 5. Don Stephenson, Ileana Muniz and Jeff Kuhiman 6. Michelle Jannone, Marlen Bedoya, Johan de Nysschen, Louise Griffiths 7. Matthew Phenix, Hewrik Holm Pedersen and Anthony Foulk 8. Paul Borden, Virginia Borden and Johan de Nysschen 9. Javier Motta and Bill Adam. 1 2 3 5 7 136 4 6 8 9