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Encounters Power Bags Ana Cristina Defortuna hosted an intimate luncheon for the unveiling of the Laura Buccellati Collection, an exquisite line of exotic skin handbags, at Jade Ocean. 1. Laura Buccellatti blowing out her birthday candles (her birthday was on the same day as the event) 2. Elena Feldman and Mariapia Buccellati 3. Laura Buccellati and Ana Cristina Defortuna 4. Hello Campos and Andrea Greenberg 5. Marta Duran & Tata Navia 5. Jean Marie Kouri and Trudy Courey 6. : Yolanda Berkowitz, Laura Buccellati and Beth Tasca 7. Sean Estevez and Sandra Chartouni 8. Laura and Mariapia Buccellati 9. Vivian Feinberg and Elyse Van Der Reis 10. Lily Azel and Andres Asion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 111