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Encounters deep discussions CREW-Miami hosted a panel discussion titled, “Spheres of Influence: How Foreign Investors Are Impacting South Florida’s Economy.” Some of the biggest names in the region’s business landscape gathered at the Hotel Intercontinental in Downtown Miami to discuss the current state of international business and South Florida’s economy. 1. Francisco Cerezo, Danet Linares, Miroslav Mladenovic, Tere Blanca & Neisen Kasdin 2. Suzanne Amaducci & Jeff Williamson 3. Rochelle Broder Singer, Tony Cho, Alisha Marks & Tadd Schwartz 4. Joy McKenna, Peter Fownes & Ellen Blasi 5. Ignacio Cruz, Danny Diaz, Gayle Bainbridge, William Heffernan & Ignacio Lorenzo 1 2 3 4 5 112 brickell magazine