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Encounters Monopoly MIAMI Monopoly Miami & The Beaches celebrated its launch at Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach among the local VIPs and icons immortalized in the special-edition board game. It marks the very first tribute of its kind to our local culture and shows tremendous support for the city, donating a percentage of profits to the Miami Design and Preservation League. 1. Ricardo Campo, Mr. Monopoly & Maria Eugenia Baco 2. Gary Farmer & Rebecca Mendelman 3. George Gonzalez & City Commissioner Saul Gross 4. Dawn Peltzar & Michael Nadal 5. Amy Tancig, Miami Beach Mayor Mattie Bower & Maria Eugenia Baco 6. Frank Massabki, Nicole Henninger, AJ Gorrin & Bruna Panto 1 2 5 3 4 6 january-february 2009 111