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Helen Kagan Abstract Impressionism & Expressionism; H “Art is a spiritual path, a transformational process, a way of being. Inspiration is truly everything and everywhere.” 80 elen Kagan, Ph.D, is enthusiastic in her belief that art should do more than adorn the walls of cold museums and the homes of the privileged. “I believe that art heals,” she says. “And I also believe that tragedy, trauma and pain can be healed with beauty, love, positive energy, movement, colors and self-expression.” Kagan’s holistic theories might, to some, belie the scope and seriousness of her work; her dark and expressionistic cityscapes lead the viewer down interesting avenues. A refugee of the former USSR, Kagan came to America in 1991 to pursue an education. And although proud of the transformative change that her art has wrought on its viewers, she’s quick to dispel the glamorous image of an artist’s day-to-day. “One might think that being an artist entails some sort of luxurious lifestyle, like what you see in the movies, but let me tell you, a creative process is not an easy thing,” she says. “I think the actual time I spend painting is between 25-30%. The other 70-75% goes to everything else around my career.” Kagan’s latest project is as ambitious as her goals; a series of pieces painted in tandem with famed Greek artist Garsot. Their collection, entitled Muse & Music, will be unveiled at Art Basel satellite Spectrum Miami this month.