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Success D e si g n WALL WOW When the highest level of Italian craftsmanship meets breakthrough graphic designers, a unique product is born. LondonArt, a Milan- based leading wallpaper firm, is changing the game one wall at a time. TEX T BY JOE OZ PHOTOS COURTESY OF AREATONIC LondonArt Wallpaper is a fresh and creative alternative to the old-fashioned wallcovering trend, offering thousands of stunning designs ready to give expression and personality to indoor and outdoor walls. All LondonArt designs are created by award-winning European art directors, renowned painters and street artists before they are all finely printed by Italian masters. For the first time, LondonArt is available in Miami, exclusively at AreaTonic, a Miami-based showroom for the trendiest Italian office and home furniture. Along with its many representations of exclusive products, AreaTonic also works as a support team for architectural firms and designers for office and commercial projects; 3825 NW 2nd Ave., Miami Design District; 46