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Encounters w/ Midtown Five 1 2 3 FAB LIVING Midtown Five Miami hosted their first meet & greet event to showcase the offerings at the newest rental community in Midtown. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Ramon Benitez, Alejandra Weeimann, Ruben Benitez, Nayla Benitez 2. Adolfo Gil, Mario Fielder, Jeremy Yeje 3. Alejandro Castro, Oz Ureten 4. Asia Gamboa, Isaura Alegria 5. Bruno Aguirre, Eric Larzabal 6. Gabriela Arenas Trudy Castle, Michelle Jorge 7. Juan Carlos Perez, Lavinia Ana Ioana 8. Lavinia Ana Ioana, Juan Carlos Perez 9. Lucho Gautier, Flavia Tallo 10. Margarita Navarro, Anderson Vanoy 4 188