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Bar Tab INTOXICATING SENSATIONS Artfully crafted cocktails are transformed into flavorful masterpieces for the senses — that’s what you can expect every day at Piripi. T E X T BY E S T R ELLI TA S. SIB IL A PH OTOS BY XIM ENA E TCHAR T 170 T ake a break from the hectic holiday shopping and stop in to Piripi at the Village Of Merrick Park for Spanish fare and cocktails that feature freshness with a punch. In Spain, the word piripi refers to a sensation of slight intoxication where reality begins to seem like a dream. And that’s exactly what Mixologist Alejandro Oramas serves up to his patrons from behind the bar day and night. From happy hours to nightcaps, he injects the passion and creativity he learned as a dancer in Madrid into his thoughtfully blended drinks. Following the signature style set forth by Piripi’s founders, he fuses seasonal fruit, savory spices and tastebud-pleasing herbs to curate a collection of sips that make a lasting impression and have people coming back for more. “I want guests to be happy, have an unforgettable experience and return over and over again,” he says. “This is the type of place where we recognize our loyal customers by name — and we’re thrilled to welcome them whenever they drop in for a visit.” And that level of personal attention has made all the difference. Piripi G & T 2 oz. Nolet’s Gin 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup Fever Tree Tonic Strawberry, Lime & Mint